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At Advance Center for Eating Control, you’ll get help from our experienced professionals to get rid of bulimia. We have over 25 years of experience treating bulimia and other eating disorders. Call us today.

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Compulsive Eating

If you’re seeking treatment for compulsive eating, then Advance Center for Eating Control is your best bet in the area. Our treatments have a success rate of 97%, giving you lasting results.

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Anorexia Nervosa

At Advance Center for Eating Control, you will learn how to stop letting food control your life, the foods that trigger a binge and why, you’ll learn the right food to help you deal with your anorexic disorder and most importantly, how to fight back!

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Binge Eating

Find solutions to your binge eating problem by getting in touch with the professionals at Advance Center for Eating Control. You’re assured of focused expertise in all aspects of eating disorders and compassionate care. We’re committed to helping people overcome binge eating.

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